Health Pass

It’s your membership

You should choose what you get out of it.
One membership, everywhere access.

Try new gyms

Heal your body

Meet new people

Does your gym know you exist?

Unsatisfied with results and need guidance?
Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing over and over?
Felt like just a number at your gym?
Have you experienced burnout?
Done with cookie-cutter, one-size fits all
Type of person who likes to try new things?

Introducing Health Pass.

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Health Pass is the new, flexible fitness membership that gives you complete control of your health. You don't have to be bored, stuck, or lonely anymore. It's perfect for the person who wants to:

Add a little variety to their gym membership.
Try out some new gyms until they find their new home.
Add recovery and nutrition to their current plan.
Get access to coaching without commitment.
Completely customize every aspect of their health and fitness.
Save money on expensive classes and services.

Here's just some of the great activities you can join!

Make fitness yours.

One membership, unlimited options. It's up to you.

  • Explore new gyms
  • Heal your body
  • On-demand personal coaching
  • Prepared healthy meals
  • Diet & exercise guidance
  • Community events and workouts

Affordable wellness.

Health Pass makes fitness affordable.
When you use your Health Pass, you'll save up to 80% on:

  • Chiropractor
  • Meal prep services
  • Diet / exercise plans
  • Online personal training
  • Healthy restaurants
  • Massage therapy

Leave your money at home.

Introducing credits. Spend them when and where you want.

Choose how to use your Health Pass credits in a way that's tailored to you. Spend them all or save some for next time. Your credits get renewed at the start of every month.

Own your health.

Get started on your fitness journey and start choosing healthy options that are best for you.

  • Choose your plan
  • Explore new options

Tap, swipe, save.

Health Pass vouchers are just a swipe or tap away. Nothing holds you back from achieving your goals.

  • Find places you love
  • Customize your fitness

"Every time I use it people light up and get excited to see someone engaged in the movement and mission that Indy Fitness Mag has founded."

Jessica P.

"Health Pass is the perfect compliment to my monthly gym membership! It allows me to flirt with other gyms and still maintain my commitment for a justified price. I adore the sip of cryo, and have relied on the meal plans provided at no additional cost! This pass has literally rocked my world!"

Fallon F.

"I like how everything is organized perfectly online making it very user-friendly! Health Pass is a unique gift to Indy and everyone should be investing in it. For all the perks it’s 100% worth it!!"

Vanesa R.

"Health Pass, in my opinion, is a must have if you are into fitness or health in general! It’s one of those things that sounded too good to be true but my friends, it is indeed true. The services provided and discounts Health Pass offers for the monthly fee is unheard of! It’s only a matter of time before it really blows up. Highly recommend!"

Ryan C.

Our Promise to You

No Commitment
Easy to Use
Quick Customer Care and Guidance

When you register for your free account, you have access to discounts at our local Partners, free resources, and may get to visit 1 new select gym each month. Health Pass Premium, Premium +, and Platinum include monthly Credits that allow you to use any vouchers you choose, whenever you want.

Yes. You are automatically renewed each month, and charged for your membership on the same day of every month. You can cancel at any time and enjoy the free membership.

Using Health Pass is as simple as logging in to your account and presenting your voucher to our partner. For class vouchers, you must schedule your class ahead of time with the gym or studio you plan to visit. We can help you schedule if you like.

It’s easy! To upgrade from free to paid, simply click “Upgrade” in your Health Pass or “Update Subscription” in the account management page. To cancel or downgrade your membership, visit the account management page or send an email to

Didn’t use all of your credits for the month? No worries. We’ll roll over up to a month’s worth of unused credits automatically.

For premium members, you can visit any of the 40+ gyms in our network. Don’t see the gym you like? Let us know. We are always adding more.

Health Pass Premium, Premium +, and Platinum are a month to month membership, with no long term commitments. Cancel or downgrade at any time.

No! Once you sign up for your Health Pass, you are locked in at that price unless you upgrade or cancel. We will never raise your price for as long as you’re with us.

Health Pass is an open marketplace built to connect you with local businesses focused on getting you healthy. Just like you can change your membership at any time, our Partners have the ability to change what they offer on the Health Pass Marketplace at any time.

To become a Gym or Partner business in the Health Pass Marketplace, send an email to or and we will be happy to have you.